Having Interference or Bad Reception?  There are two reasons:  at various times during the year, as air and ground temperatures greatly differ, "ducting" occurs.  "Ducting" causes stations on the same frequency or adjacent frequencies as WJPG or WJPH to extend far beyond their normal borders and travel into this area of South Jersey.  When this happens your radio will tend to pick-up the strongest signal, sometimes going back and forth between WJPG or WJPH and the other station.  The "ducting" occurs more so on certain days, depending on weather, and goes away on other days. This phenomenon effects all FM radio stations at various times during the year.

The second reason is that you're in our fringe coverage area, where the signal is weak and subject to same or adjacent frequency interference.  To overcome this, hook-up an outside antenna to your home radio or buy a simple wire antenna called an "FM dipole antenna" from various local electronic stores.  When in your car, it will greatly depend on the selectivity and sensitivity of the car radio.  It varies on make and model of car.  Or purchase a car radio antenna amplifier from a local electronic store, this will give your car radio more signal.  See below to find out about additional ways for improved reception.

What is a Translator?  It receives WJPG and WJPH and re-transmits them in any given area, giving all within a ten mile radius of the translator a clear signal instead of a weak, un-listenable signal.  Translators can be located in any area, if there is a frequency available!  If you would like a translator in your area, e-mail us with the town you live in, your name, address and day & night phone number.  Think of the great opportunities to reach the lost for Christ in your area!

To view all the photo's taken during the "Raise the Praise" new antenna installation for WJPH 89.9 on September 11, 2002, click here!

The WJPG 88.1 antenna was installed Friday May 7, 2004.  Click here for more photo's

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